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Mkhondo, has turned into a filth-ridden town

Filth-ridden Mkhondo

The once proud and beautiful town, Mkhondo, has turned into a filth-ridden shell of what it used to be many years ago. While driving or strolling through town, it is easy to notice that Mkhondo is not getting the love and care that it deserves. There are missing stop signs...
Mkhondo SAPS
On Friday, 11 October a crowd of angry residents gathered in front of the Mkhondo SAPS offices to make their complaints heard. During the last few months, South Africa and we in Mkhondo have seen an alarming increase in violent behaviour against women and children and it seems that...
Project cleanup begins

Project cleanup begins

On Thursday, 12 September, our pleas didn’t fall on deaf ears when the Mkhondo Traffic Department’s officers started removing the bodies of vehicles that have been left on the sidewalks of Kempville to rust. The Excelsior News has reported on this project cleanup issue multiple times and just when we...
two water pipes burst in Theo Mocke Street
On Wednesday, 28 August, two water pipes burst in Theo Mocke Street and created a slippery hazard for motorists. The water from the one burst pipe was streaming into Theo Mocke Street, all the way around the corner into Kotze Street and the water from the second burst pipe...
Manyala – Disgusting – Afskuwelik
Manyala. The situation in Kempville has not improved at all over the last few weeks. In fact, it seems that it is getting considerably worse. No effort has been made to evict manyala hawkers, old cars or bush-mechanics from the sidewalks and residents of this area are getting fed up!...
Hawker stalls in Piet Retief
Hawker stalls and street vendors are taking over in Piet Retief, setting up shop wherever they please and making a mess of our sidewalks. Whilst we appreciate that the vendors are trying their best to make an honest living, we can’t help but wonder how many of them have...
Project: Clean up

Project: Clean up

On Friday, 16 August, municipal workers were on the side of the N2 Ermelo road, collecting garbage that was left strewn there by inconsiderate litterbugs. At the end of the Project: Clean up session, they had collected plenty of bags full of rubbish, to dispose of in the correct way....
Not a good use of your workforce
Municipal workers have been busy during the last week with the repairing of roads and dilapidated stormwater drains. Whilst these repairs are definitely a step in the right direction, we can’t help but wonder why they would be instructed to start with new projects when they have left their previous...
Queuing for compensation

Queuing for compensation

On Thursday, 1 August, long queues formed outside local banks and businesses as workers came to collect their compensation for last month’s labour whilst others were queuing to receive their government grants. Grants from the government play a big role in the lives of many South Africans and without...
Dumping; no respect for environment
Dumping your garbage on the side of the road means that you have no respect for yourself, the environment, your fellow Mkhondo residents or for your children, who have to grow up in an unhygienic and dirty neighbourhood. Would you be happy if you took your family for an outing...
Five burst water pipes in a week
A burst water pipe in Anema Street left residents in some areas of Mkhondo without water for a second time in one week. Residents reported the burst pipes early Thursday morning, 25 July, after they  noticed water running down the street. Municipal workers quickly arrived on the scene to investigate. They...
Mkondo Local Municipality launches Junior Council
On Wednesday, 12 June, the Local Municipality successfully launched its Junior Council. The Junior Council launch function was attended by learners from all circuits of the Mkhondo area, Councillors of Mkhondo Municipality, Mkhondo Addiction Rehabilitation Centre and the Department of Social Development. The reason behind choosing a Junior Council was...

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