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Tuscarora Spur Piet Retief, turning over a new leaf

Tuscarora Spur Piet Retief

Have you had a chance to visit the new, revamped Tuscarora Spur Piet Retief yet?

Tuscarora Spur opened its doors to the public again on Monday, 25 March, after they were closed for three weeks to complete renovations and the new, modernized facilities and decor looks absolutely stunning!

Helene Paul, from Tuscarora Spur, spoke to the Excelsior News on Tuesday, 2 April and gave us some background on the Spur-franchise.

Did you know that the first Spur, Golden Spur, was opened in Newlands, Cape Town in 1967? R4 000-00 was invested in the first restaurant and soon thereafter the second one, Seven Spur, in Sea Point, opened its doors. Helene stated that there are currently 294 Spurrestaurants in South Africa.

New Owners at Tuscarora Spur

Out of all of these restaurants, the Tuscarora Spur in Piet Retief is only the fifth one to undergo the franchise’s prescribed revamp. She added that after many meetings and discussions with Head Office, Tuscarora Spur’s owners decided to make use of only local companies to assist them with the renovations.

The only things that needed to be provided by Spur Head Office was the furniture and decor. “It is important for us to support local business entities as those are the people and their families who support our restaurant. The community of Piet Retief has always supported each other in many ways,” Helene said.

The businesses that were involved in revamping the local Spur can now visit the restaurant and proudly mention to their friends and family members that they had a part in how fantastic it looks!

She added that she wanted to thank the community for their loyal support throughout the years, her business partner, Mr Henry Brits and friend, Mr Shane van der Nest for their assistance, support and positive influence, the staff members and managers for their hard work and finally, but not the least, the Lord for guiding them and ensuring that the renovation plans ran smoothly.

The new Tuscarora Spur has a larger children’s area, 24 seats in the smoking section and they are also able to accommodate 217 seated guests in the remainder of the restaurant. Well done and congratulations on the revamp!

The Mkhondo Small Business Drive

The Mkhondo Small Business Drive

According to Mr T. Thabede, Manager of the Department of Local Economic Development, the department launched a The Mkhondo Small Business Drive during November 2018 and earlier in 2019, the initiative yielded good results.

The The Mkhondo Small Business Drive was started to assist entrepreneurs of Mkhondo to be able to access funding. In collaboration with the NYDA (National Youth Development Agency), 20 young entrepreneurs of Amsterdam (KwaThandeka), formed part of this event. Mr Thabede said that the participants will receive their funds once their applications have been processed and finalised.

These entrepreneurs are set to focus strictly on the agricultural sector within the Mkhondo Local Municipal area. He added that the programme will continue in order to be able to reach all the enthusiastic entrepreneurs of Mkhondo.

This will certainly stimulate various business interests amongst the youth of Mkhondo. If you have any queries regarding the Small Business Drive, please contact Mr Thabede on 066 478 9364.

Charka – 40 years as SA’s number one braai partner

The Charka team: Prof Laubscher (Managing Director), Monique de Bruin (Administration Manager), Arista Vogel (Financial Manager), Francois du Plessis (Operational Manager) and Johan Albasini (Factory Manager). Inset: Louis du Preez (Marketing Manager)

It is 40 years since Charka, the iconic and proudly South African charcoal and briquettemanufacturer first transformed our relationship with fire.

Charka Briketts were the first on the SA market and for a long time were the only such product available. Today, the Charka range, including Braaimeester, is available at all leading retail stores nationwide.

In 1978, Yellowstone Timber Holdings purchased the Charka Factory at Wildrand from a company then known as Hunt, Leuchars & Hepburn Forest Products (today Mondi Forests). Yellowstone Timber Holdings, a wholly owned subsidiary of Suiderland Development Corporation, changed the Charka company’s name to Suiderland Charka Limited.

In 2015, the company changed its name to Safire Charka (Pty) Ltd when a local short-term insurer, Safire Insurance Company Limited, together with a syndicate of timber farmers and existing Charka management, became major shareholders. The Charka-Safire relationship is a synergetic one, which is particularly relevant given that symbiotic relationships in nature form the foundation for Safire’s marketing efforts.

Safire Insurance is a specialist agricultural and general insurer with a strong co-operative base of timber-growing clients countrywide. Charka is able to use wood from burnt plantations in charcoal production, thereby reducing the ultimate net loss from timber fires through the maximisation of salvage recoveries.

The production process The Charka production process is sustainable and is good news for the environment as invasive alien Black Wattle (amongst other woods) is used. Wood is packed into kilns and burned in a controlled process. The burned residue, known as lump wood charcoal, is sorted and the larger pieces become Braaimeester Lump Charcoal, a pure, natural heat source.

Smaller pieces are milled into a fine charcoal powder mixed with corn starch and water, run through a briquetting press that shapesit into pillow shaped briquettes, and dried in a hot air drier. Charka Briketts, Braaimeester Lump Charcoal and Charka Firelighters are the main products distributed by the company but Charka has also developed innovative additions to its range.

Instabriks (instant lighting briquettes) and Braaimeester ILC (instant lighting charcoal) eliminates the need for firelighters when starting a fire or a braai. SABS and FSC certification, internationally approved Charka has a factory in Piet Retief, close to its timber source, and another in Polokwane, near the silicone smelting plants and Tzaneen forests. The smelters use bulk loads of charcoal in their production process.

The factories are SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) accredited and Charka was the first SABS approved charcoal product in the country. Charka is the leading charcoal manufacturer in South Africa and is F.S.C. (C.o.C.) certified as required by the export market to prove that sustainable wood supplies are used.

A cost-effective product Charka and Braaimeester products are extremely concentrated: 6-7kg of wood makes 1kg of briquettes. Being so concentrated ensures a heat source ideal for braaiing, retaining its heat and ensuring an even-burning fire that lasts for a long period.

TVK Recyclers continue to clean Mkhondo

TVK Recyclers continue to clean Mkhondo
Volunteers recently cleaned an area in eThandukukhanya

Mr Thabo Mathebula, founder of the non-profitable organisation, TVK Recyclers, together with about 50 volunteers are hard at work in keeping Mkhondo clean.

On regular occasions Mr Mathebula and his volunteers visit the communities within Mkhondo to clean the streets of refuse. They also recycle whatever they can in order for them to generate an income. Since 2017, TVK Recyclers’ volunteers have been working individually without any assistance from the municipality.

TVK Recyclers continue to clean Mkhondo
It is evident taht people dumping their rubbish just everywhere, is a huge problem in Mkhondo

They do not have the proper equipment or transport and have to walk to wherever they are working. Afterwards, they walk back to their homes where they also store the recyclable items, but at this stage, their neighbours are starting to complain as the huge piles of recyclable items are becoming a health hazard to all.

TVK Recyclers have made a request to the municipality to assist them in finding a premises from where they will be able to sort and recycle, but to date, they have not been assisted. These volunteers are truly making a difference in Mkhondo’s various communities as they are cleaning up all the litter scattered around our town.

If they suddenly have to stop performing this task, a definite difference will be noticed! If anyone is able to assist them in taking their business forward, kindly contact Mr Mathebula on 072 551 9633.

Piet Retief Superspar turning over a new leaf

Piet Retief Superspar turning over a new leaf
Piet Retief welcomes Mornay and Collette Vosloo, to the Spar-family

The community of Piet Retief would like to welcome Mornay and Collette Vosloo, the new managers of Piet Retief Superspar!

The Piet Retief Superspar team is well-known to the community and they are planning to make this grocery store the best in town. Jannie, Rassie, Mdu and a newcomer, Yongama are ready, able and always friendly, yet professional and will assist all their clients with a smile on their face.

Mornay and Collette have been part of the Spar-family for the past 21 years and are looking forward to creating an environment of friendly service, quality products and ranges that will meet everyone’s needs in and around Piet Retief. They are encouraging their customers to correspond with them as to how they can improve the store – you are more than welcome to do this over a cup of coffee!

The new managers are passionate about the community and have various long term ideas which will serve schools, the lessprivileged and organisations such as the local SAPS, Department of Correctional Services, Department of Health and the Mkhondo Local Municipality. Having a breakfast at only R20-00 is a major bargain and at Piet Retief Superspar’s Beantree Cafe, you will be served the best quality and service that money can buy!

Piet Retief Superspar now offers pension discounts on Tuesdays instead of Thursdays as in the past and they have a Bill Payment System and cashback options at the paypoints and pension payouts. Your all-inone store! Piet Retief Superspar offers a Spar Rewards System that affords you great savings on various selected items and upon registration, you will receive weekly SMS’s with specials – make a note of their iconic Wednesday specials!

Don’t forget Tops@Spar has major specials on a weekly basis so, be sure to visit them and look at their wide range of wines. Ladies, be on the lookout for the Ladies Book Club Wine Suggestions coming soon . . . The new butcher, Natasha She, is already making significant changes.

The fresh fruit and vegetable division is aiming to be the best of its class in town! The fast foods department’s menu is expanding – make sure to give the oxtail stew or the chikka chicken a try on your next visit. When entering Piet Retief Superspar, the smell of freshly baked bread is always welcoming and with their gorgeous custom designed cakes, your special occasion will be exceptional.

Piet Retief Superspar’s personnel is doing their best to be in touch with the newest trends in food, so be sure to pay a visit and get your hands on their newest range of healthy foods. They sure have way more to offer than before – go and look for yourself; their friendly team is waiting for you!

Entrepreneur Mfezeko Mncube

Mfezeko Mncube
Mfezeko is working hard at making his food dreams come true

Mfezeko Mncube is a 16-year old entrepreneur from Piet Retief who saw a gap in the market and started to sell his own homegrown, deliciously prepared meals.

Mfezeko Mncube started off at Mall@Mfula where he named his business “Kota King Box”. Mfezeko had a stand in the mall where he was able to sell his modernised version of a bunny-chow. He played around with various recipes until he made a name for himself.

Since this young man is still in school, he is only able to sell on Saturdays and feedback from his customers is astonishing. He has also recently decided to broaden his menu and is now selling a variety of other fast foods. Mfezeko registered his business on Scooler, a school entrepreneurial movement where he stands a chance to win R100 000 to assist him in making his dream of becoming a successful business owner, a reality.

You don’t know what you are missing if you haven’t tasted one of Mfezeko’s mouthwatering African bunny-chows, also known as a “kota”, yet!

The website approved Mfezeko’s registration and the public is now able to vote for him. The winners of the competition will be announced on Monday, 12 November 2018. Let’s all support Mfezeko and make his dreams a reality.

To vote for him, after you have bought and tasted one of his meals, visit https://scooler.co.za/contestant/ mfezeko1. Complete the entry form on the right and cast your vote. Only one vote per person will be accepted. Good luck Mfezeko and keep on preparing your scrumptious meals!

TTN Investment Expo

TTN’s first Investment Expo, Eden (Moolman)
'Eden Farm' the training venue for TTN's Farming Foundations Programme

On Friday, 31 August 2018 TTN Network (Thol’ulwazi Thol’impilo) hosted an investment Expo at Eden Farm in Moolman, to introduce the companies in our area to the work that we are doing in Mkhondo, Paulpietersburg, Iswepe and Amsterdam (to name a few).

The morning of the investment expo began with a tour of the ‘Eden’ Farm at Moolman. Here we were able to show our guests the Farming Foundations Project that we are running, as a training base for the communities and companies that want to implement these farming methods.

Ivan and Helene Smith (who live in the house at Eden) have themselves participated in the training, and together with Braam and our German students who are helping out for a few months, Eden is starting to take shape!

There are pigs and chickens, and soon we will be planting seedlings, and using the tunnels and grounds to grow various vegetables and berries. After the Eden Tour, our guests then moved on to the church at Moolman where they were given a short talk by Pastors Tom McSeveney and Derick Slabbert, to learn more about TTN, and to understand the work that we are doing in the communities – every project had a table on display, so our guests could also mingle and talk to the various people running them such as Farming Foundations, the Asidlale Box, Youth Life Skills, Cotlands, Disciple Making Movement, Crèche Development and our Mobile Clinics.

TTN would like to thank everyone who attended the Expo for their support and interest. We trust that you left motivated and excited at the prospect of investing in the work that we are doing, and the TTN Team values your support and compassion for the wellbeing of our local communities.

By helping and teaching communities to become self-sustainable, they will be able to feed themselves, grow spiritually & educationally, and improve the wellbeing of their families, by being in a position to generate an income from what they are able to grow and farm with.

If you would like to know more about TTN and the various areas that we are operating in, please visit our website at www.ttnnetwork.org (all our various contacts and divisions are featured).

15 years Nadas Estate Agency family

15 years Nadas Estate Agency family

There is an old saying, “A change is as good as a holiday” and the Nadas Estate Agency family is now more prepared than ever for the next 15 years.

David and Beate Hancock have been proud residents of Piet Retief for many years and in 2003, Beate started Nadas Estate Agency as a one-man-show. The company has ever since expanded into a family business and September 2018, marks their 15th year in the business.

The word “Nadas” originated from an indigenous Namibian word which means “There it is”. It is also a symbol of the family farm, which is close to the family’s hearts, in Namibia. Nadas has evolved over the past few years from a small office at the Suidoos Centre, to a business premises at Wellspring Church and now a beautiful premises, with the friendliest owners and staff members in Brand Street.

Beate operated the business successfully on her own, but when her son-in-law, Remik, joined her, the rest of her children, Cindy and Vicky, soon followed. The younger generation encouraged their parents that the business needs a new look and they have recently decided to undergo a complete makeover – with impressive results!

This dynamic team now also offers a variety of services to anyone looking to rent or buy a property. They have combined sales, rentals and services under one roof and are looking forward to assist the community of Piet Retief with even more passion than the past 15 years.

Remik is in charge of the rentals while Beate, Vicky and Cindy handle the sales division. The service department consists of a cleaning – and gardening team that is ready and able to go in and clean, maintain and repair anything at the property before the new owner or tenant moves in.

This is just an extra bonus for any potential property buyer or lessee. Beate also mentioned that competition in this type of business is always a good thing as it keeps one focussed on the end goal.

It also helps one to work harder and it is advantageous for the community as people now have various options to choose from and they don’t always have to settle for the first best thing. There it is! Nadas Estate Agency turned over a new leaf, with some exciting offers coming up in the near future and a stylish, friendly and very funky new look.

Their office is warm and inviting with grey coloured walls and shades of orange squares painted in a strategic way. Not only is Mkhondo looking forward to a new season (spring), but Nadas is also heading into a new season with their business – the best of luck to you all and well done on the beautiful rebranding!

Glasfit Acquires New Premises


After Glasfit Piet Retief, has had their workshop and office in Church Street for five years, they have now relocated to their brand new premises at the Woodhill Centre, commonly known as the Pick n Pay Centre.

When building activities next to the Tuscarora Spur started, many residents wondered what the new building would comprise.Now, it is clear that Glasfit has fully started working there – still delivering the excellent services for which they have been renowned. Cas van der Merwe and his staff would like to thank all their loyal clients for supporting them at the previous premises and are looking forward to receiving and serving all again at the new premises. Cas is not only the owner of Glasfit Piet Retief, but also of Glasfit Ermelo. Both branches handle all glass related insurance claims and their prices are market related. They can be followed on FB too. Glasfit does mobile fitments as well, meaning they come to your home for the job.

Their range of products and services include all glass products for vehicles (including smash and grab), flat glass, aluminium frames for showers and of course, they are registered Xpanda agents. Therefore, they are well trained and stocked to supply all glass fits, shower doors and Xpanda security gates. They can also help you to not only secure your property with Xpanda products, but also to improve your safety when driving as they can protect your vehicle’s windows with “smash and grab”….. The Glasfit team is ready to assist you and to give you prima service from their new premises.

The friendly and trained staff of Glasfit Piet Retief

Filter Piggery Does it Again

Filter Piggery
Filter Piggery

Filter Piggery has many a time taken it upon itself to try and make a change in the rural communities of Mkhondo.

They have in the past made several donations towards projects that do not only uplift rural communities, but also engage the youth in doing positive things. On this occasion, the 18th of August, the company visited the Wagen Drift Village and the Hans Village to hand over netball poles to the youth for their recently graded netball courts.

The Mkhondo Municipality kindly graded netball courts in both these villages with the permission of the relevant C.P.A managers. All that was now left was for these courts to be fitted with netball poles so that the youth could start enjoying their new facilities. It goes without saying that there is still a lot of work, however, that still needs to be done on both these courts as they currently do not meet all the safety standards required.

According to information supplied to us by a self-proclaimed community upliftment activist, Mr E.T. Gumede, the reason why they saw it fit to make the availability of these courts a priority, was so that they could divert the youth’s attention towards more constructive means of entertainment.

On behalf of both these communities, Mr Gumede would like to thank Filter Piggery for their generous contribution and for always being actively involved in projects that are aimed at bringing change to the rural communities. He also appeals to Mkhondo stakeholders and private businesses to stop shying away from contributing to rural communities.

Mr Gumede went on to say that further support, in terms of the development of sport and recreation in the rural communities, is much needed and anyone who wishes to make a contribution towards such initiatives can kindly contact him on 078 465 4903 or alternatively on 082 676 8876.

A netball team enjoying the use of their new facility
A netball team enjoying the use of their
new facility


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