The Essence of Eve


On the 21st of May we hosted the beautiful Aletté-Johanni Winckler at Welverdiend, Piet Retief to talk with a group of about 75 women about forgiveness and self-love.

The morning of the event God changed her mind and she started pondering on the topic of loving your neighbour as yourself. She shared a lot of her own testimonies and circled around to the final message of you cannot love others if you do not love yourself. In one word, self-acceptance. I remember her asking “who of you here can say you love everything about yourself, from head to toe?” I looked around astonished as I didn’t see one hand go up. Not the lady with the beautiful smile at the table across from me, not the one with the perfect hair at the back, not one of them, all the women just sat there looking back at her. The world has set the bar so high for women everywhere, if you don’t have everything perfect; from a bikini body, cooking the best meals, having tons of patience with your kids, earning a good salary and so many more, all these expectations are loaded onto us. How can we possibly feel good about who we are? The message concluded that if we can grasp how much we are loved by God, and we strive only to live according to His standards, then we can free ourselves from ‘perfection’ and we can love ourselves for who we were called to be. Only after that, can we truly love our neighbour. A powerful message indeed. But that isn’t all the day held in store for those who attended. There were cakes, cupcakes, tea and coffee, lots of giveaways, platters and even mimosas.

The morning ended off with each woman making her own, natural perfume using Young Living essential oils. We enjoyed every moment and we hope that those who attended enjoyed it just as much!

We would like to thank everyone who played such a big role in making this event a success. Without you this wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you to the following people and businesses: Diane and Clara at Welverdiend and Pot & Plant, Pick n Pay, Blue Bottle Liquor, Munch Café, Pretty Sweet by Fae, Haylee’s Creations, Holme Lea Manor, Mama Mia, Myrtle Products, Tazneem, Lydia, Marina du Plessis, Fabulous 5 Catering and Excelsior News.