Pretty Yende rose handover


Kate-Merie Ferreira

On Saturday morning 28 May, Pot & Plant at Welverdiend hosted an event to honour Pretty Yende, a world-famous opera singer who was born and raised in Piet Retief. A very special rose that was named after her was introduced at the function.

Mr Ludwig Taschner, owner of Ludwig’s Roses and creator of the Pretty Yende rose, was a guest speaker at the event and elaborated about his love for roses and what inspired him to breed a brand new rose and name it after his favourite soprano. He also answered questions from the guests and gave them tips on how to keep their rose gardens alive and blossoming. It was very motivating.

Mrs Rose Yende, Pretty’s mother, was there to represent her daughter and her family. She received a rose bush as a token of appreciation for motivating her daughter to follow her dreams. She was overwhelmed with gratitude and humbled that the people of Piet Retief remember her daughter and appreciates and acknowledges what she has achieved in her life.

She spoke about how Pretty showed interest in singing at a young age when she started doing so in Church and from then, that was all she wanted to do. Although it was difficult to accept the fact that Pretty had no interest in becoming an accountant or lawyer, they supported her the best they could and now they are thankful that she persisted and followed her passion.

Every person who attended got to take home their very own Pretty Yende rose plant to plant in their garden.

It was a special morning indeed that inspired many rose lovers!