Please finish what you started


Jessica Burns

The community members on many occasions, are mostly satisfied with the Mkhondo Local Municipality’s quick response to matters where a water pipe has burst or when electrical issues occur.

We understand that nothing can last forever and pipes and cables can become damaged, break or burst. The problem and frustration comes in when after the problem is repaired, nothing gets done to a trench or hole needed to be made to gain access to the problem area.

For weeks on end holes and trenches are left open, they are only surrounded with danger tape and the community is expected to look the other way because at least the power or water is restored. Two water pipes burst on Friday the 13th of May, on the corner of Von Brandis – and Brand Street and the other one on the corner of Mac – and Draad Street. These are two of the busiest streets in town and only placing danger tape around it doesn’t help. Both these holes cover the one lane of the road and these sections now have to be used as a single lane.

Open holes are dangerous and need attention as soon as possible.