SANRAL – working


hard to get motorists to their destinations safely

Kate-Merie Ferreira

During the past few months, there have been multiple road accidents on the N2 Ermelo and Pongola roads, as a result of motorists driving through potholes or having to swerve out to avoid them. People have been seriously injured, some died and vehicles have been written off.

SANRAL is well aware of the fact that heavy rainfalls have made parts of the road nearly untraversable and according to their spokesperson, they are currently working on solving the problem on both sides of Piet Retief.

There are especially bad patches that they are working on repairing, whilst repairing potholes. The team is also conducting routine maintenance such as cutting the grass next to the roads and unclogging drains, so that rainwater does not end up on the road and make it even more dangerous and slippery for motorists.

While they are trying hard and putting in a lot of effort to get the road back up to standard, it might take a while and motorists are encouraged to please stay patient and always drive with caution. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Thank you to the SANRAL team for identifying the problems and making quick work of repairs. The effort is appreciated.