Easter weekend safety campaign


Kate-Merie Ferreira

Between Wednesday 13 April and Tuesday 19 April, members of the Piet Retief SAPS and other stakeholders held an Easter weekend safety campaign through a roadblock on the N2 Pongola road near the Paulpietersburg intersection.

The stakeholders included the Amsterdam SAPS, a provincial task team, the Dirkiesdorp SAPS, the Mahamba SAPS, and the Sheepmoor SAPS.

The officers searched vehicles, checked the validity of driving licenses, motor vehicle licenses were verified and the roadworthiness of vehicles was checked. During the operation, they confiscated nearly R85 000-00 worth of dagga and also arrested illegal immigrants.

The visibility of the SAPS compelled motorists to drive more carefully and to abstain from illegal activities such as drinking and driving.

Did you know that according to the Road Traffic Management Centre (RTMC), it is unlawful for motorists to warn other road users about roadblocks? The act of warning fellow motorists about roadblocks, either by flashing lights or on social media is illegal.

Thank you to the officers for using the power given to you in a responsible way.