PRPS Interhouse


On Saturday 22 January, Piet Retief Primary School held an interhouse athletics event, and teachers, learners and parents were happy to feel a sense of normality after a long time of not being able to attend school gatherings.

Light rain during the early morning made everyone nervous that the event might have to be postponed but, fortunately, it stopped right as the teams’ cheerleaders arrived to prepare for their “big entrances”.

Highlights of the day were when Renee Malgas shattered the U/13 75 m hurdles record with a time of 12:90 (the previous record was 13:13) and when Zion Sheick broke the U/9 80 m sprint record with a new time of 11:66 (previous record – 12:10). These records are going to be difficult to improve on, well done!

The “Duikers”- team cheerleaders won a trophy for their enthusiastic singing and for keeping their teammates’ spirits high throughout the day. The team who won the trophy for performing the best overall throughout the day was the “Steenbok”- team.

Congratulations to the following talented individuals who won trophies (The ASA 2020 score table was used):

• Best field athletes: Carl-Hein Creydt (high jump) and Gizelle van den Berg (shot-put)

• Best track athletes: Carl-Hein Creydt (hurdles) and Renee Malgas (hurdles)

• Best middle-distance athletes: Bruno Niebuhr (1 500 m) and Asande Nkambule (1 200 m)

• Victrix Ludorum: Lakeisha Marais (best 3 events – 2 077 points)

• Victor Ludorum: Carl-Hein Creydt (best 3 events – 1 965 points).

Four schools will visit PRPS for an athletics event on Saturday 29 January, please support the young athletes!