Issue of the week


How convenient if your profession is that of a mechanic and you can work on vehicles anywhere you like? No expenditure to pay for a workshop…

Mechanics utilize an area of land on the municipality’s property on the sidewalk in Brand Street just east of Mall@Mfula to run their business. They even had someone cut the grass so that the “workshop” could look respectable and neat when the clients drop off their cars for repairs. This is not a temporary arrangement but, a full-time business that is being run from there.

This is a problem for the community because why do all other business owners have to rent or buy shops and workshops but, these individuals don’t have to. Some other expenses they don’t have to pay are trading fees, property tax, or water and electricity like other businesses are obligated to pay. Not to even mention the soil pollution, which is hazardous to human health and the environment.

The street vendors around the corner of the municipality pay a fee to the municipality to operate their businesses.

Not only is this a frustration to the community but, also to companies that have to deliver products to shops at Mall@Mfula on a daily basis. They have to make use of that entrance. This street is now occupied by vehicles that wait to get repaired or that are completed.

Could the responsible authorities please look into this unacceptable situation.