Black Friday


This year Black Friday was held on the 26th of November, and once again it was a great attraction.

Some of the stores had started with their Black Friday specials on the previous Monday and others only on the Friday. It carried on over the weekend. There were plenty of products on offer and the excitement ran high. The to-do lists of things to buy were already made in advance so that shoppers didn’t miss out on any amazing deals.

On Friday morning things were still quiet and under control but, on Friday afternoon town was jam-packed and the traffic was congested. Shoppers didn’t mind too much because nothing would have stopped them from getting to those amazing deals.

Other shoppers took another route and decided not to go into town but, rather shop online which still afforded them the opportunity to be able to pay excellent prices for their chosen merchandise. Although some of the websites online crashed throughout the day (with the multiple shoppers who were active) buyers persevered.

Black Friday shopping statistics 2021 for South Africa:

Who is most likely to shop? South African adults are planning to shop up a storm at Black Friday sales this year. In fact, 47% of South African adults, or an estimated 18.5 million people, plan to make a purchase at the sales. Men are more likely than women to partake in the shopping event, with 48% of men saying they plan to make a purchase compared to 45% of women. Younger South Africans are the most likely to partake in the event, with 53% of those aged 25–34 saying they’re shopping the sales. At the other end of the spectrum, just 28% of those aged 65+ say the same.

Why are South African adults shopping the sales? We all have our reasons for shopping the big sales events, but it turns out that the most popular reason of all is simply because South Africans think they’re great value, with 29% of adults planning to shop the sales for this reason. Meanwhile, 7% of adults are shopping because they’re bored and the remaining 10% are shopping but, couldn’t give a specific reason why.

Who are the most popular retailers in South Africa? Search volume data suggests that one of the most popular places to go for Black Friday deals is Game. Other popular retailers searched for include Makro, Takealot, and Shoprite.