N2 Woodhill Mall Is Now Open

N2 Woodhill Mall now open
N2 Woodhill Mall now open

On Monday 30 November 2020, the construction of the N2 Woodhill Mall commenced and as promised by Mr Andries Gamede (spokesperson for the project) and LYNX Real Estate (the developers of the property), the mall officially opened approximately a year later, on Thursday 28 October.

170 employees worked tirelessly through rain and shine to complete the project and the results are better than anyone could have expected. It looks spectacular! According to Mr Gamede, who was kind enough to give the Excelsior News a behind-the-scenes look at the mall before the opening, the mall will give customers the best shopping experience in town.

Shops that opened on Thursday included Dis-Chem, Mr Price Home, Mr Price Sport, West Pack Lifestyle, Petzone, The Crazy Store, Miladys, Pep Home and Pep, Pick n Pay, Pick n Pay Clothing,  Pick n Pay Liquor and Tasko Sweets, just to name a few.

According to Mr Gamede, the mall provides permanent employment to approximately 70 local people and as it expands, it will provide jobs for even more.

The residents of Piet Retief were excited to support the many new shops, especially those who were not in Piet Retief before the opening.

The beautifully built mall sets a good standard for Piet Retief and how shops can look in a small town. People passing through town will also be able to visit there, as it is easily accessible from the N2.

Well done to the team for keeping to the schedule and for delivering an experience that is as good as it was promised in the beginning.