Mkhondo Local Elections


On Monday 1 November, the Local Government Elections took place, and only a small percentage of the country’s eligible voters cast their votes.

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) announced on Tuesday 2 November that from the 26 million people who were registered to vote, only 12 million cast their vote. It seems that these local elections have had the worst turnout in the history of democratic South Africa.

In Mkhondo, a few issues prevented eligible persons from casting their votes, such as the burning of tyres in Ward 13. At one of the voting stations in town, a person noticed that his ballot said Emalahleni (Witbank) instead of Mkhondo. When he enquired about this and when the IEC looked into the matter, they saw that some of the ballot papers were invalid due to this mistake.

Apparently, it was the ballots for the Ward Councillor and a case has been opened with the IEC to investigate the situation and decide what is to be done about it.

Various social media groups of Piet Retief have been circulating results for the area, even though the IEC explicitly told the Excelsior News that the results have not been finalized and would only be made public between 5-7 days after the elections. These results (although not confirmed) are as follows:

Ward – Party:

1. ANC

2. ANC

3. ANC

4. ANC

5. ANC

6. ANC

7. DA

8. ANC

9. ANC

10. ANC

11. ANC

12. ANC

13. ANC

14. Independent

15. ANC

16. ANC

17. Independent

18. ANC

19. ANC

On Wednesday morning 3 November, only 64% of votes had been tallied nationwide. 14 884 of 23 148 Voting Districts were completed. 2 098 of 4 468 Wards were done, 103 of 213 Municipalities votes had been tallied and 3 160 of 8 794 Seats had been allocated.