Mayoral Imbizo


On Friday 22 October and Saturday 23 October, the Mayor of Mkhondo, Mr Vusi Motha, hosted an Imbizo to celebrate his five-year term.

The event started with a media briefing on Thursday, in which he recounted all of his accomplishments throughout his term to the different media houses. He said that it has been an honour for him to serve the community and that he believes he has made a lasting impact in many lives.

During his time in office, 19 major projects were undertaken, of which most have been completed. The completed projects include:

• A new sewer system for Saul Mkhizeville, which according to the MLM, benefits approximately 750 individuals.

• An early childhood development facility that was built in Ematafuleni supposedly benefits 80 households and 34 children.

• A paved road was added to Group 10, which benefits the whole area.

• A bridge in Sandbank was constructed and aids 80 members of the community.

The mayor stated that one of his main goals during his five-year term was to provide as many as possible homes with electricity, water and sanitation. He said that no one should be without these basic human rights. Many RDP homes were also erected during his time in office and new townships were established.

After the media briefing, the mayor along with his team, escorted the media to various project sites, including the substation that was recently upgraded, the bridge that was constructed in Sandbank and the Waste Water Treatment Plant in Salem.

On Saturday, the celebrations continued with a function that was held at the Kempville Stadium. Local artists entertained the guests and the mayor once again spoke about his accomplishments of the last five years.

As part of the Imbizo, Mr Motha handed over title deeds to some impoverished members of the community. He also honoured Ward Councillors, the Municipal Manager and those who were chosen as the best performing departments and best-performing personnel of the MLM with certificates of appreciation.