Local store robbed at gunpoint


On Friday 5 November employees of the Boxer Superstore in Piet Retief were arriving for work at approximately 05:50 when the unimaginable happened.

According to the security guard who was stationed at the shop, she was busy letting employees inside, as the shop was not yet open. Someone knocked on the door, which she opened because she presumed that it was another employee.

Seven men, wearing SAB-jackets and holding handguns pushed past her and ordered everyone who was in the store to lie face down on the ground. The manager of the store was forced to open the safe where pension fund money was allegedly kept.

The gang of robbers stole approximately R50 000-00 cash and all of the employees’ cellular phones.

When they got what they came for, they escaped through the back door.

The Piet Retief SAPS request that any members of the public who have information regarding who committed this crime please come forward so that the suspects can be traced and arrested. Please contact the Branch Commander of Piet Retief Detectives, Lt-Col Myeni (082 556 5605), if you have anything to share.