Puppy saved by local heroes


On Monday 11 October, a concerned resident of Piet Retief called Mr Louis Fourie to ask for his assistance, as a puppy had fallen into a storm-water drain near Piet Retief Private Hospital and seemed to be stuck there.

Mr Fourie went to investigate and found that the small dog had no way of getting out as the hole was approximately 1.5 metres deep and too small for a human to climb inside. From Monday on Mr Fourie and Mr Maurice Weber tried everything to free the pup but, to no avail. They went back every day, fed the dog and gave it clean water and of course tried to free it.

The difficult part was that the puppy was shy and as soon as she saw them lower a trap into the hole, she would retreat into the pipes. When on Thursday the dog was still stuck, Mr Fourie asked for assistance from Mr Anton Nortje and Mr Johann Kohrs of the Mkhondo Fire and Rescue Unit.

They devised a plan to fill the pipes with water so that the dog would be forced out and then they could catch it with a net. Their plan worked and on Friday 15 October the dog was free at long last.

The pup was taken to the Rustplaas Dog Shelter. Mr Fourie says that she is very shy and somewhat aggressive but, they are hopeful that she will make a full recovery and with some love, become a great pet. They are excited to start with her rehabilitation.

Well done to the rescue team!