Fibre (FTTH) installation in town


The Mkhondo Local Municipality has granted three companies permission (in form of a wayleave – a right of way granted by a landowner generally in exchange for payment) to install fibre FTTH (Fibre to the Home) optic cables throughout town. The companies are Just Jobbing, Lenco Civils and Construction and Zwelymakabaldaka.

This is a slight inconvenience for residents but, one of the managers assured us that this will only be for about three to four months. Last week the teams were hard at work in Pretorius – , Joubert – , De Jager – , Draad – and Tosen Street. According to our knowledge, the teams started in the last week of September. At this stage in time almost three weeks went by and by the looks of it, the teams are well on track. The notice that was sent out to the residents assured them that they will only be working in a particular street for a maximum period of one week.

You should know that they will be digging trenches on your sidewalk. However, the teams take photos of your sidewalk to ensure they reinstall the sidewalk like it was as soon as they are done installing the cables.

The companies also ensure residents that they will not be digging up driveways, in fact, they use a moling machine (impact moling is a very widely used method of installing small diameter pipes, ducts and cables in the utility industry). This will ensure that they are able to install the cables underneath driveways. This method is also used when cables have to be installed crossing the road at some sections. The hole that the moling machine makes is very small (approximately 10cm) and this won’t cause any damage or future problems to driveways or the road.

The implementation of these cables may possibly damage services in the form of water irrigation systems and electricity, this inconvenience will only be for a few hours. A reputable service provider will always be on standby to repair any damages that could possibly be caused (this will only take two, maybe three hours).

Residents are welcome to inform ward councillors if any major inconvenience is caused by the teams. The councillors will then inform the site management to attend.

We have also received multiple complaints that some of the members not only take photos of the sidewalks but, also of the houses. We addressed this matter with one of the managers and he stated that this shouldn’t be happening and residents should keep on reporting such behaviour.

The project coordinator can be contacted for any inquiries at 081 862 8243.