Cemetery vandalised


Vandals recently set their sights on the Muslim Cemetery on the corner of Church Street and Gerhard Böhmer Lane and stole sign boards.

Apparently almost 40 boards, which are placed at the graves to indicate the identity of who is buried where, were stolen. The families of the deceased are outraged. This is not the first case of vandalism at the site but, no matter what security is used, the criminals always find a way in.

Various scrapyards in town were visited in search of the missing boards but, to no avail. It’s unclear what the vandals are doing with them but, it doesn’t seem that they are selling them.

The Muslim community requests that the community please keep an eye out for the boards (as shown in the photograph) and report anyone who has them in their possession to the Mkhondo SAPS.

It’s a disgrace that graveyards are being targeted. Have some respect for the deceased and for the families who regularly visit these graves to mourn their loved ones.