Vaccinations for 35 and older


On Monday 19 July and Tuesday 20 July, members of the community who are 35 years and older were able to receive the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine at the Mkhondo Town Hall.

The queue was long but, people were eager to get inoculated so they waited patiently for their turn. Friendly staff from the Mpumalanga Department of Health greeted them and assisted them with registering to receive the vaccine. Their vitals were checked by a nurse who ensured that their blood pressure was normal and that they were healthy enough to receive the vaccine.

Other qualified nurses then administered the vaccine, which to most people, is not painful. Vitals were checked again and people were sent on their way with a note reminding them of when they have to return for their second dose.

The staff were very proficient and made everyone feel at ease about the procedure.

It seems that although Mkhondo arrived late to the vaccination party, the project is now running smoothly and more and more people are choosing to be vaccinated.

People waiting to be vaccinated