Businessman takes matters into his own hands


The broken sidewalks in Retief – and Kruger Street have been a controversial issue for the last couple of months.

The involved parties (the Mkhondo Local Municipality and an internet service provider) have been pointing fingers at each other but, no one came up with a solution to repair the sidewalks. The business owners in the area have had to suffer the consequences of both parties’ actions and it has even caused injuries to pedestrians.

Approximately two weeks ago, the owner of one of the buildings in that area decided that enough was enough and started repairing the sidewalks in Retief Street in front of his building from his own pocket. His expenses amounted to about R22 000-00.

The sidewalks looked horrific and they would have likely remained in that state if he had not taken the initiative to take the repairs upon himself.

This sidewalk should have been repaired by the MLM, as they dug it up earlier in order to repair a faulty electrical cable.

Is this what it has come to? The residents of eMkhondo already have to struggle with internal load shedding and pothole-riddled roads (to mention a few issues), now they are also forced to repair damages done by the institution who is supposed to see to these issues. It’s a shame.

Thank you sir, for going out of your way to make Piet Retief looking a little bit better.

It is unclear who repaired the sidewalk in Kotze Street but, the businesses in the area are grateful (the internet company denied that it was them).