Roadshow in Mkhondo


On Tuesday the 8th of June the Mpumalanga Department of Health visited Mkhondo to give more information to the public about the Covid-19 vaccine.

The roadshow was held in front of Boxer where a big stage was set up. The main purpose for their visit was to inform the community about the vaccine and to tell them that it is the solution to the whole Covid-19 pandemic. We were unfortunately informed at only 13:30 of this. They said that it would start at 15:00 until 16:30.

There was a big screen with someone on the stage addressing the individuals who attended as well as a few nurses on the side who could answer questions. Not many individuals could attend the roadshow and it could possibly be because they didn’t know about it or they had to be at work.

This is an excellent way to inform the community about the vaccine but, it would be much more effective if better planning took place. A better time for instance could be during lunchtime, after five or even over weekends.