Learning from the best


As of Monday 3 May, 26 agriculture students of the University of Tshwane started their practical year right here in eMkhondo, working with a gardening expert, Mr. Moses Fakude.

Earlier this year, Mr. Fakude was approached by a staff member of the Vosloorus Campus and asked if he would be interested in teaching some classes at the university. Mr. Fakude declined because he was unable to travel that far and be away from his family and garden for such an extended period of time.

Later, the man contacted Mr. Fakude again with another proposition. He asked if Moses would be a mentor to 26 third-year students during their practical year. He grabbed this opportunity with both hands and agreed. A few months later and he is now teaching the young agricultural students the ins and outs of growing crops successfully.

The university’s interest in Mr. Fakude came after an article appeared in the Excelsior News in February 2021, which reported on a gigantic 28.8-kilogram pumpkin that was grown in his garden. They took note of his obvious talent and decided that they wanted their students to learn from the best.

Mr. Fakude’s garden is going from strength to strength and he is being recognized nationally for his green fingers. Hard work breeds success.