Welcome Willem to the Wimpy Piet Retief team


On Monday 1 March, the Wimpy Piet Retief team welcomed Willem Husselmann, who is now a part of the management.

Willem, who is originally from Upington but, most recently lived in Volks-rust and has years of experience in the business field. He worked as a business consultant and business manager before accepting a post at Wimpy. He has a daughter who is now attending Piet Retief High School and a son who is enrolled at Piet Retief Primary School. His wife, Ankia, is a sales rep.

Willem is excited to have joined the team and for what the future holds for him. He believes that he will be an asset to the business and aims to elevate Wimpy’s status even further.

On Thursday 15 April, Willem and his partner, Doctor Kumalo, handed over Wimpy meals to Beauty Grootboom, which she again gave to impoverished people in the community. The gesture was much appreciated.

Good luck on your Wimpy-journey Willem, we believe that your contribution will make a positive impact.