Say no to animal cruelty


On Tuesday 27 April a concerned resident of eMkhondo posted a photograph of a scrawny-looking dog who was chained to a pole and asked for assistance about how the situation should be handled. Apparently, the dog was rarely given food and water.

This kind of unkind behavior is not only cruel and unkind, but it is also punishable by law.

This is what the South African law says about animal abuse:

Section 2(1) of the Animal Protection Act 1962 lays out acts of cruelty that are prohibited. This is a detailed list that includes deliberate acts such as causing unnecessary suffering by confining, chaining or tethering, abandonment, as well as acts of negligence such as unnecessarily denying food or water, deliberately or negligently keeping an animal in a dirty or parasitic condition, or failing to procure veterinary assistance. There is a general provision that prohibits wantonly, unreasonably, or negligently doing, or omitting to do, any act or causing or procuring the commission or omission of any act that causes unnecessary suffering.

The Animals Matter Amendment Act No. 42 of 1993 stipulates that animal owners are responsible for injuries caused to the animal they are responsible for.

Anyone found guilty of acts that cause an animal to suffer under Section 2 of the Animal Protection Act 1962 is liable to a fine and/or imprisonment for up to a year.

Every pet deserves to be loved and cared for. They did not choose you, you chose them so, they are your responsibility. Treat your pet better!