Message to the Public

Letter to the Editor

In the last couple of weeks, Excelsior Printers has, on more than one occasion, been labeled as a racist newspaper.

As a company whose primary objective is to serve the entire community of Piet Retief, we felt it necessary to address the public on those statements.

Excelsior Printers’ mission is to serve the community of Piet Retief accurately and diligently by providing verified, relevant, and up-to-date news. This mission entails serving the entire community of Piet Retief irrespective of race, gender, religious views, sexual orientation, and the like. Every member of the public is valuable to us.

The views expressed by certain members of the community that Excelsior News is a racist newspaper is blatantly untrue. These comments are unsubstantiated and unjustified. An omission or inclusion of an article, in the weekly newspaper, should therefore not incorrectly be deemed as the views of Excelsior News, but rather as impartial, verified by reliable sources, and important to the public. In a world full of fake news, we cannot publish articles that cannot be verified.

At Excelsior News we have an open-door policy. Therefore, should any member of the public feel aggrieved or violated by an article’s inclusion or exclusion, we invite you to come and meet with us so that the issue can be discussed in a civilized manner.

We reiterate that the community of Piet Retief is of primary importance to us. That being said, Excelsior News as a company, cannot let constant, unjustified, and defamatory statements, about the company, be made. Should any member of the public feel aggrieved and decide not to make use of our open-door policy and proceed to spread defamatory statements, Excelsior News shall need to take appropriate action against the potential reputational harm.

We trust that the Public will return the respect that Excelsior News has shown and shall continue to show to them in the future.