Traffic jam at border posts


Chaos ensued at the Ngwenya (Oshoek) – and Mahamba Border Posts as hundreds of truck drivers were parked in queues in order to cross over into the Kingdom of Eswatini.

Apparently, this pandemonium was caused by a strike on the South African side of the Ngwenya Port of Entry as of Wednesday 24 March. The South African officials were supposedly striking because of a water shortage at the facility.   Truckers and other motorists looking to cross the border were advised to make use of other ports of entry such as Mahamba, Matsamo and Mananga.

Mahamba Border Post Trucks

On Friday morning 26 March, the Mahamba Border Post was so busy that trucks were parked on both sides of the road in queues that stretched for kilometres. Drivers were extremely frustrated and had to wait for hours before they were assisted.

The Ngwenya Post opened again on Saturday 27 March, which eased congestion at the Mahamba Port of Entry. Businesses and trucking companies lose thousands of rands when they are unable to deliver their goods on time and it is a shame that they had to suffer because of this strike.