No more tolerance for driving under the Influence


Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula has announced that strict new rules and demerits regarding driving under the influence of alcohol will officially be introduced in South Africa in June 2021.

During a media briefing on Friday 22 January, Minister Mbalula said that the National Road Traffic Amendment Act will effectively introduce the total prohibition on the use and consumption of alcohol by all motorists on South African roads.

Under the new law, the concentration of alcohol in any blood specimen must be 0.00 gram per 100 millilitres. The National Road Traffic Act (NRA) currently enables those who have consumed alcohol to get behind the wheel provided they are under the blood alcohol limit.

For normal drivers, their blood/alcohol level must be less than 0.05 gram per 100 millilitres, and in the case of a professional driver, less than 0.02 gram per 100 millilitres.

“When you drive your car and get in your vehicle you will need to be 100% sober”- Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula

According to studies, a person’s liver can process about one standard drink per hour so, if you only have one hourly, you will remain under the current blood/alcohol level.

You can have (every hour):

  • Approximately 355 mℓ beer with a 5% alcohol level.
  • About 148 mℓ wine with a 12% alcohol content.
  • Only approximately 44 mℓ of hard liquor or one shot with a 40% alcohol content.