Goats cause accident


On Saturday afternoon 3 April at approximately 15:30, a man of Piet Retief was driving on the Wakkerstroom road when goats suddenly walked into the road.

According to him, he was driving about 100 km/h and had to come to a standstill as quickly as possible to avoid colliding with the animals. When he applied his brakes, the man who was driving behind him tried to swerve out of the way but, could unfortunately not avoid the collision.

Both vehicles came to a standstill on the side of the road. After the collision occurred, a small boy, who was apparently looking after the goats came running to the scene but, he then quickly ran away again when he noticed what had happened.

The two men involved in the accident, who fortunately did not sustain any injuries, followed him and found out where the owner of the animals lived but, he was not home and they could not confront him.

How irresponsible to put a small child in charge of your animals. They are incapable of making difficult decisions in the spur of the moment and will not really be able to keep the animals in check.

According to a source at the SAPS, in most cases like these, the animals are not branded and there is no legal way to trace them back to the owner, who actually should be held legally responsible for any damages. The owner can simply deny that they belong to him and nothing further can be done about it. The animals apparently will not likely be removed from the owner’s care.

We urge motorist to please always be vigilant and aware of their surroundings. An accident can occur in the wink of an eye. Watch out for any signs that show that there is no fencing in the area or that there are stray animals and adjust your speed accordingly.

Accident report (2-11 April)

The Excelsior News received information regarding an accident that occurred on Friday, 2 April. Apparently, the driver of a white Nissan bakkie who was driving on the N2 Pongola road attempted to take the slipway at the Mkhondo Taxi Rank.

The man supposedly lost control and collided with some taxis. One man, who was busy washing a vehicle, was injured during the incident and later succumbed to his injuries. The case is still under investigation. On Monday 5 April at approximately 09:00, the driver of a silver-coloured Toyota was travelling towards Piet Retief on the Pongola road when a pedestrian who crossed the road in front of her caused an accident. One person sustained serious injuries. No further information was provided. Also on Monday on the Pongola road, at about 15:15 three vehicles were travelling towards Piet Retief. The driver of a silver Toyota was apparently overtaking a white Volkswagen.

The driver of another white Volkswagen also wanted to overtake the first Volkswagen but, collided into the rear of the Toyota which then collided into the first Volkswagen. One person sustained minor injuries. On Friday 9 April at approximately 22:00 on the Ermelo road, the driver of a silver Nissan supposedly did not stop at a stop sign when he wanted to drive onto the N2. He then collided with a silver-coloured Suzuki. The driver who apparently caused the accident fled from the scene, which is completely illegal and punishable by law.

Two individuals were treated for minor injuries. On Friday, when the Emergency Service personnel were busy tending to an accident scene on the Ermelo road, a second accident occurred. The driver of a white Mercedes Benz saw the Emergency Service vehicle’s lights, slowed down and turned on his hazard lights but, the person who was driving the green Mazda behind him allegedly didn’t manage to slow down quick enough and collided into the rear of the Mercedes. On Sunday night at about 20:00, one person sustained critical injuries, one was treated for serious injuries and three individuals walked away with minor lacerations during an accident on the Ermelo road. The driver of a red Volkswagen supposedly lost control and collided with a white Mercedes Benz. The Mkhondo Fire and Rescue Unit personnel ask motorists to please be observant when driving.

If you come across an accident scene or emergency service lights, slow down, obey the instructions given by officials and adjust your speed according to the circumstances. Do not stop at an accident scene to see what has happened. It makes it extremely difficult for officials to tend to the victims and keep the traffic flowing. The abovementioned information was supplied by Mr Anton Nortje (079 872 8989), head of the Mkhondo Fire and Rescue Unit.