An exciting time for PG Bison

These drier drum parts were manufactured in Germany. PG Bison

In July 2020, PG Bison started with construction on their particleboard plant and the company is excited about what its completion will mean for them and the community.

Particleboard is a versatile wood-based product that is made by combining and then heat pressing wood particles and resin to form a solid board. This construction will conclude the upgrade of PG Bison’s particleboard plant and will increase the plant’s capacity to produce particleboard to approximately 1 000m³ per day.

On Tuesday 9 March and Friday 12 March, large parts arrived that are needed for the project. The drier drum parts that arrived were manufactured in Germany but, most other parts are being manufactured locally and PG Bison also does some of the fabrication themselves through their project teams.

At its peak, this project will have 510 contractors working and it is expected to be completed in February of 2022. The plant will create many opportunities throughout the supply chain as the greater output of particleboard will require a greater supply of raw materials and other related services. It will also assist in securing the jobs of those who are already employed at PG Bison.

The community hopes that the construction will proceed without a hitch and that the plant will be operational at the said time.