A longweekend without water

A longweekend without water

On Saturday morning 20 March at approximately 09:30, the residents of eMkhondo started to notice that their water pressure was dwindling and soon thereafter, the water completely disappeared.

The Mkhondo Local Municipality sent out a notification to inform the community that there was a huge break at a water pipe near M&R Oil Depot and that a team had been deployed to tend to the problem.

A few hours later workers were still busy digging to try and find exactly where the pipe was damaged. The community was asked to continue to be patient as the team tried their best.

A longweekend without water. Thank you for attempting to solve the problem as quickly as possible
Thank you for attempting to solve the problem as quickly as possible

On Sunday morning, the town was still without water and more news was shared to inform annoyed residents that it was found that the area where they suspected the water break was, was not the actual area. Workers, however, continued to search for the leakage and they eventually discovered that it was under a piece of concrete and they needed an excavator to get to the problem area.

Water tankers were deployed in the community to assist the residents where possible and although it did help, it was only just enough to be able to perform the bare minimum.

On Sunday night at approximately 21:00, the repairs were finally completed and on Monday morning, most households had water again.

Throughout the whole ordeal, the community stood together and assisted each other where possible. AfriForum made five tanks available to the community to be able to fetch water and some community members allowed people to collect water from their boreholes and Jo-Jo tanks.

It is insightful to know that in a time of need, you can depend on those around you assisting where they can. It is one of the things that make eMkhondo such a pleasant town to live in.

Thank you to the Mkhondo Local Municipality workers who worked tirelessly to try and repair the broken water pipe as quickly as possible. This water break should however serve as a reminder that maintenance ought to be done to the pipes on a regular basis. A good idea would be to start to replace the pipes that break so often, instead of just repairing them every time that there is a problem.

Prevention is better than spending all of that time and resources on repairs.