In memory of Luis Sebastião Jardim


Luis Sebastião Jardim better known to his customers as ‘Juluka’ was born on 20 January 1955 in Madeira, Portugal and passed away on 10 February 2021 due to natural causes (heart).

Juluka lived in Portugal up to the age of 13 and then moved with his family to Piet Retief in 1989. In Piet Retief he owned Old Lido (which is now Golden Grill).

“We are very grateful and blessed for all the years and time we got to spend with him. He was so many things, a true example of a loving husband, terrific father and an amazing grandfather. It makes us so very proud to hear of how well he is spoken of, truly a great man, he left a big impact on many people’s lives because of his big soft heart and compassion he had for others. He will be sorely missed by his family as well as the people he worked with. We find comfort because he is at peace in the arms of our heavenly father.” – Family message

He leaves his wife Rita, two sons, two daughters in law, daughter, son in law and mother in law (who stayed with them for many years) behind.