Asibambisane Impact Platform (AIP): Launch and Progress to Date

Asibambisane Impact Platform

Mkhondo (Piet Retief) has a rich history of residents, businesses, churches, NPO’s, schools, farmers, etc. working together for the common good of our town and district.

 Building on this foundation and after three community consultations, the ASIBAMBISANE IMPACT PLATFORM was launched late in 2019; established an office and started operating in March 2020 as a registered social enterprise.

Our name is derived from this history of working together – ASI-BAMBISANE – an isiZulu word meaning “Let us cooperate together”.

With the help of Ranyaka Community Transformation, a baseline study was completed in September 2019 which helped us look at our community of Mkhondo through four main outcomes:

  • A productive society with economic and job opportunities for all;
  • A healthy, educated and active society;
  • A clean, safe and attractive environment;
  • A community with strong social cohesion

The platform was designed to move us from working in “silos” to greater collaboration, connecting and coordination of resources towards agreed goals. Our goal (Vision) is “To activate communities towards Restoration, Resilience and Growth”.

Some of our achievements since March 2020

Asibambisane “hit the ground running”, only three days prior to the initial COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020. With the lockdown, a significant portion of the population in our largely rural and agricultural district of Mkhondo who are dependent on day-to-day labour, were challenged to a point of hunger without the possibility of income and food supplies.  Having identified this need, we immediately mobilised our new partners, including ECD’s (Crèches) and other organisations, who identified the most vulnerable households on their databases, consisting mainly of undocumented people and families, that needed Relief Food Packages. With the support of Partners and Benefactors who learnt of Asibambisane’s vision and work, the Impact Platform worked with organisations to distribute over 350 Food Relief Packages and over 280 Grocery Food Vouchers that were redeemable at local shops.

With the support of Mkhondo Farmers, through AgriSA (for Mealie-Meal); a local Farmer, Mr Kallie van der Merwe (for Tomatoes and Cabbages); and TWK (for Cabbage Seedlings), organisations distributed and supported households during a very trying and testing period of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Lockdowns.

 Support of ECD’s with PPE packs

In August 2020 Asibambisane supported ECD’s by acquiring comprehensive PPE Packs to aid them to adhere to the School Reopening Regulations. The Principals/Owners of the ECD’s were oriented on the Regulations and Guidelines issued by the Departments of Social Development and Education, in order to assist them to adapt to COVID-19 Protocols. The Platform called for putting up a campaign on their Facebook Page calling for the support of especially the non-funded ECD’s for PPE Packs.

Capacity building of organisations and leaders

Capacity building is essential in reaching our stated outcomes. It starts with a solid foundation of ethical values. We partnered with Unashamedly Ethical and use their material of Ethics, Values and Clean-Living as the foundational entry-level for organisations of excellence. Further empowerment will include training on Governance, Financial Management and Systems, Leadership Development, Fundraising, etc. Since November 2020, four Ethics, Values and Clean-Living Workshops have been facilitated for at least 20 organisations with 75 participants consisting of Organisations’ Staff, key Management Committee Members, and some Board Members.

Developments going forward

It has indeed been a roller coaster since the launch a year ago. Whilst the climate of COVID-19 and the ensuing Lockdowns made it very difficult to function, it also presented an opportunity for the platform to respond creatively and start building itself. The footprint of Asibambisane continues to grow in Mkhondo as we network and build relationships with organisations and stakeholders in order to activate communities towards restoration, resilience and growth.

We invite all interested parties (individuals; businesses, NPO’s, churches, local government) to connect with us by contacting Mpho Monare @ 078 104 3550; or You can also visit our Facebook Page for more information on 70979