SAPS report


The following information was supplied by the Mkhondo SAPS.

On Monday 1 February at approximately 12:15, Sergeant Qwabe of the Bothashoop Border Post instructed a motorist to stop so that his vehicle could be searched. Upon investigating the inside of the vehicle, he found dagga in a passenger’s bag, weighing about 3.48 kilograms (street value of R5 220-00). The suspect was arrested.

The confiscated dagga

Also on Monday at about 20:30, members of the Dirkiesdorp Visible Policing Unit tended to an accident in KwaNgema. A Toyota bakkie was lying on its side and the driver had requested assistance from members of the community to get the vehicle back on its wheels. The SAPS arrived just as the bakkie was upright again. When the driver saw them approaching, he left the vehicle there and ran away.

The members of the SAPS investigated the matter further and found that the vehicle had been stolen from Brooklyn, Pretoria earlier.

Well done to the officers involved in these cases.