New shopping centre development well on track


On Tuesday 19 January the Excelsior News visited the site of the new Woodhill Mall and the project is going according to schedule.

Mr Andries Gamede, the head of the project, is excited about the progress that has been made and says that even though the recent rains have made it difficult to stay on track, his team is still going strong.

They plan on pouring the concrete for the foundation of the new Pick n Pay stores (food, clothing and liquor) soon and will most likely start with construction on the building early in February.

All of the employees involved in the project are highly qualified and know what they are doing. Mr Gamede stated that he trusts in their abilities and that they are very capable of completing their tasks on time.

The mall will provide jobs to many people and will elevate the community of eMkhondo. The Excelsior News will keep the community updated on future progress.

Construction is well underway