Three dead and eight injured on roads


Between Wednesday 6 January and Monday 11 January, three people died, five people sustained serious injuries and three was treated for minor injuries.

On Wednesday 6 January at approximately 12:00, one person was treated for minor injuries
during an accident on the Pongola road. According to the driver of a white Toyota, the driver of a grey Ford who was travelling in the opposite direction was driving in the wrong lane. This caused a semi head-on collision between the two vehicles.

On Sunday 10 January at about 13:30, the driver of a MAN truck was travelling towards
Piet Retief and the driver of a white Ford was driving from Piet Retief to Ermelo. The driver of the Ford supposedly overtook another vehicle and the drivers of both the MAN truck and the Ford swerved off the road to try and avoid a head-on collision but, collided next
to the road. Three people died and two people sustained serious injuries.

Also on Sunday on the Ermelo road, two people were seriously injured and two sustained minor injuries when the driver of a grey Volkswagen lost control and the vehicle rolled at approximately 15:00.

One individual was treated for serious injuries during an accident on the Pongola road
at about 05:00 on Monday 11 January. Apparently, the driver of a grey Hyundai lost control and the vehicle overturned. The above-mentioned accident took place during the previous nationwide curfew (21:00 – 06:00). It is unclear why the driver was on the road during this time, perhaps he had a special permit which allowed him to travel, or perhaps he had an emergency and did not have any choice. Any person who fails to confine themselves to their
homes between 21:00 and 05:00 (new curfew) faces a R3 000-00 admission of guilt fine,
a jail term of six months, or both. All information regarding the abovementioned accidents
was supplied by Mr Anton Nortje, head of the Mkhondo Fire and Rescue Unit.

For more information kindly contact him on 079 872 8989.