Wedding in residential area


On Sunday 29 November a traditional Zulu wedding, conducted by the Nazareth Baptist Church (the Shembe), took place in a field on the corner of Olivier – and Von Brandis Street, while it was raining. 

Approximately 300 people attended the event. Everyone looked their best and guests were dancing and blowing on trumpets in celebration of the newlywed couple.

Of course, the residents of the homes neighbouring the field were not impressed by the noise and many of them filed complaints with the Mkhondo SAPS who apparently did nothing to try and resolve the issue. Mr Sifiso Mtshali of the Mkhondo Local Municipality did attempt to end the party by going there himself and asking them to vacate through a loudhailer but, allegedly they ignored him and continued with the ceremony.

According to Mr Mtshali, the group did not have permission to hold the wedding in the field. They were supposed to hand in a letter to the Mkhondo Local Municipality asking for permission and if everything was in order, a permit would then be issued to them.

The attendees were not wearing masks or practising social distancing, although only the minimum amount of litter was left in the field after the group were finished with the celebration.

It is unacceptable that the Mkhondo SAPS did nothing when they received complaints from several community members. If this kind of behaviour is just accepted and not reprimanded, more and more people will follow this example and just do as they please. There have to be consequences if the law is not abided by.

We would like to thank Mr Mtshali for trying to put an end to the party that according to the MLM did not have the required permission.

If only he had some assistance from the SAPS, they would have most likely succeeded in putting an end to this illegal gathering.