Rest in peace officer Malgas

Rest in peace officer Malgas

Mkhondo Traffic Department officer, Vincent Malgas, tragically died at the age of 51 on Friday 20 November.

He leaves behind his wife, Flora, six children and four grandchildren. Mr Malgas was known for his kindness and fairness towards other people. He was a pillar of the community and will truly be missed.

“For someone who meant so much

and was loved by all he knew

who left a trail of tears

and precious memories too.

We loved the sunshine in his smile

and the kindness in his heart

but, heaven saw he was tired

which meant we had to part.

Dear angels, please guard him with your gentle wings

and tend to him with great care.

For he is someone wonderful

and words just can’t convey

how much we wish that he was still here

We will always love and remember you papa.” – Malgas family.