MARC Christmas party

MARC Christmas Pary

On Saturday, 14 November the MARC-team had a Christmas celebration for their patients who are currently receiving treatment at their Inpatient Centre.

The joyous occasion started with a word of encouragement from local pastor Sifiso Ntumba and his wife. All of the boys, aged between 15 and 16, received gifts which helped to make them feel special and loved. They enjoyed delicious treats, sponsored by Piet Retief Superspar and a meal which was donated by Wimpy.

A highlight of the day was definitely the slip n slide. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all, especially on such a warm day.

These young men are part of a three-month treatment programme in which they try to rid themselves of drug – and/or alcohol addiction. Throughout the three months, they are only allowed to be visited by family members once a week and they have no contact with the outside world. They are trying their hardest to build a better life for themselves but, it is a gruelling process.

The goal of this Christmas party was to encourage them to not give up on themselves or their treatment and to congratulate them on how well they are doing.

It was a wonderful initiative which would not have been possible without assistance from the community. Thank you to Piet Retief Superspar, Wimpy, Pick n Pay, PG Bison and TWK. A very special thank you to the anonymous angels who sponsored Christmas gifts, your contribution means a lot. They also want to thank Nadine Kruger who organised the event.