Dumping in residential areas

Dumping in residential areas

No person deserves to live in a filthy environment but, sometimes you can only blame yourself for the disgusting surroundings.

Many places in town are being treated as informal (and illegal) dumping sites. The problem is especially bad in Harmony Park, where you cannot even turn around without spotting another pile of rubbish including diapers, food items, car parts, plastic items and even broken furniture pieces. In some instances, the rubbish is burned which puts the homes of everyone around there in danger and also creating a health hazard.

Dumping in residential areas
Please start giving fines to the culprits!

There are flies everywhere and the stench is revolting. These piles of waste materials are clearly the result of some of the residents of that area who are too inconsiderate and lazy to simply put their rubbish in a refuse bags and place it on the sidewalk to be collected by the Mkhondo Local Municipality. How difficult can it be?

The Mkhondo Dumping Site is also just down the road from Harmony Park and it would probably take less than 10 minutes to drive there and discard of your rubbish in the correct manner.

It’s time for the residents of Mkhondo to grow some self-respect within and to clean up after themselves. Do you really want your children to be playing amongst the rubbish that you throw out on the street and risk them getting injured or contracting a disease? Medical bills are very expensive!

It is unfair to expect that the MLM personnel always have to take care of your junk. It is now the time to end the revolting habit of littering!

To the MLM – Please start getting your staff to take action and start issuing fines to the guilty parties.