Retrenched employees protest in front of local business

Retrenched employees protest in front of local business
Checkout employees protesting

During last week, several Checkout employees could be seen protesting outside the store to show their anger about having their employment terminated.

According to some of the employees, their employment was ended without any notice and when they requested that the business retrench them with full benefits, it was allegedly refused.

The protestors also prevented customers from entering the store, which led to it being closed for a few days.

According to the branch manager of Checkout, Mr Pieter Britton, the franchise has been put under business rescue and the decision to let these employees go, came from their head office. He also stated that the employees were notified that their contracts have been suspended for three months. If after three months the business is more productive from a financial standpoint, the workers will hopefully be re-employed or will be retrenched with full benefits.

The nationwide lockdown has taken its toll on many businesses and unfortunately, many hard working people lost their jobs. We hope that Checkout will recover and be able to do right by their employees.