Motor vehicle accidents (22-24 October)


The following accident report was supplied by Mr Anton Nortje, head of the Mkhondo Fire and Rescue Unit. For any inquiries, kindly contact him on 079 872 8989.

On Thursday 22 October at approximately 15:00 on the Pongola road, two people sustained serious injuries when the driver of a white Hino lost control of his vehicle and drove off the road. Apparently the roads were slippery.

One person was injured during an accident on the Ermelo road on Saturday 24 October at about 07:20. The rear left tyre of a white Kia burst which caused the driver of the vehicle to lose control.

The Emergency Services personnel tended to an accident on the Wakkerstroom road on Saturday 24 October at approximately 08:45. The driver of a white Nissan apparently did not stop at an intersection on the Wakkerstroom road and collided with a Toyota. It is suspected that the driver of the Nissan was driving under the influence but could not be confirmed. No injuries were reported.

Also on Saturday, one person sustained serious injuries during an accident on the Pongola road, at approximately 15:30. The cause of the accident is unclear since the driver of the vehicle was unconscious and a statement could not be taken at the time.

It was brought under the attention of the Excelsior News that whilst the Emergency Service personnel were tending to one of the accidents, a vehicle stopped at the scene and stole several items out of the vehicle that was involved and apparently this is not the first time that something like this has happened.

What tipe of person robs someone who is injured and unable to defend their belongings – an accident victim might be stuck inside a wrecked vehicle or may even be lying next to their loved one who has died. . .

To the individual who did this, you are not a good person and nothing justifies your inexcusable behaviour. If ever you feel the need to do this again, a photograph will be taken of you and hopefully you will be found guilty of theft and jailed. Your actions are completely unacceptable!