Locals protest

Locals protest
Mkhondo officials - please do not allow protestors to walk in the road

On Friday morning 6 November, at approximately 08:00 a group of local protestors gathered at the Ajax Sports Field, situated in Ward 8 of the Mkhondo Local Municipality, to march to Mpact and PG Bison to hand over memorandums.

Their requests were as follows:

  1. They want the opportunity to be permanently employed by the companies.
  2. They want the businesses to provide bursaries and learning opportunities.
  3. That subcontracts be given to the Ward 8 Business Forum.

The managers of the two companies received the memorandums.

The Mkhondo SAPS, Vispol members and officers of the Mkhondo Traffic Department escorted the protestors during the march. According to them, the local protestors behaved in an appropriate manner and did not cause any damage – it was a peaceful march.

They did however walk down the middle of the N2-Ermelo road which caused a frustrating situation for motorists. It would have been easy for them to walk on the side of the road and not disrupt traffic at all but, they chose to block the road instead.

We request that the Mkhondo SAPS and Traffic Department please keep this in mind if there is a march again. It would be more convenient and much safer for everyone if local  protestors are walking on the side of a road.

The abovementioned information was supplied by the Mkhondo SAPS. The Excelsior News contacted PG Bison and Mpact to get their comment, unfortunately the manager of Mpact Piet Retief was unavailable and the manager of PG Bison Piet Retief stated that they have no comment at this time and a press release will be issued at a later stage.