Blocked pipes cause problems

Blocked pipes cause problems
This happens every time that it rains

The PPC (Pentecostal Protestant Church, also known as “Die Lighuis”) grounds in eMkhondo have been badly affected by the blocked pipes. The recent rains have resulted in rainwater not being able to flow through the drainage canal and into the culvert under the road.

Apparently, the culvert responsible for draining the water from the canal is blocked and due to that, any excess water gathers in the property. This has been a problem for quite some time and according to the pastor, Mr Corra Labuschagne, the matter has been reported to the Mkhondo Local Municipality on their Facebook page and they have also been notified telephonically.

Along with water not being drained, rubbish that is stuck in the blocked pipes is also pushed out by the rainwater and onto the grounds. It looks horrendous!

We kindly request that the Mkhondo Local Municipality please take note of this complaint and repair the culvert as soon as possible.