Amsterdam cemetery looks horrendous

Amsterdam cemetery looks horrendous
The graves are almost completely buried beneath tall grass

It was recently brought under the attention of the Excelsior News that the Amsterdam graveyard is in an absolutely terrible condition and no one is making any effort to change it.

The problem starts with the road leading up to the Amsterdam cemetery burial grounds, which is unpaved and filled with potholes. When it rains, it is nearly impossible for family members and friends to reach the graves of their loved ones.

When you enter the graveyard, the grass is so tall that you can barely see the gravestones and all around you. There are piles of waste materials, left there by inconsiderate people. It looks more like a dumping site than a place to visit your dearly departed.

On the grounds, there is a small ablution building which is now being used by drug users and frequented by people who perform other illegal acts. The building Is so damaged that it might as well just be bulldozed.

Water damage, mould and sewerage are leaking from it. Amsterdam and thus the Amsterdam cemetery, falls under the jurisdiction of Mkhondo Local Municipality so, surely it is their responsibility to give grieving families and friends the opportunity to visit a clean and safe graveyard. It seems that this has not been taken care of in months. What a shame!

To the people who are dumping their waste materials in the burial grounds, please stop! Mkhondo Local Municipality – please make it a priority to put a team together and clean the graveyard and maintain it regularly.  It is the right thing to do.