A successful charity market

A successful market
The children enjoyed the petting zoo a lot

On Saturday 31 October residents of Mkhondo enjoyed a fun charity market at the Piet Retief Rugby Club’s grounds which was held for the benefit of CANSA and other non-profit organisations.

The charity market had several different entertainment options. At a variety of stalls, people were selling food, treats, ice cream, toys and clothes. A petting zoo afforded children the opportunity to enjoy interacting with some farm animals and a jumping castle and horse-back rides also offered entertainment to the little ones.

The Islamic Relief Organisation received sizeable donations which will assist them and their cause. CANSA also sold a lot of merchandise. The proceeds of the sales will be used to educate people about cancer.

A successful market
Thank you to everyone who made the effort to visit

There was also an information session regarding cancer and some family members of people who have been diagnosed with cancer shared their experience and tips on how to physically and emotionally be there for cancer patients. A demonstration of a fitness class was held to encourage the residents of Mkhondo to live a healthier lifestyle. Seven local soccer teams participated in a friendly tournament. H&F Hardware played against Spares City in the final. The score was 3-1 in H&F’s favour and they received a trophy.

Overall, the charity market day was very enjoyable and the organisers hope to make this market a yearly occurrence. Thank you for the support from the community.

A special thank you to Janus Pretorius for photographing the event for free and to Naseeha Bobat for organising the market.