A joint effort in anti-crime drive

A joint effort for community safety
Truckers were instructed to move their vehicles

On Friday night 16 October members of AfriForum, several security companies, officers of the Mkhondo Traffic Department, the Mkhondo and Ermelo SAPS  joined forces to participate in an anti-crime drive.

Reinforcements were called in from the Ermelo SAPS, to assist during the night. Overall there were 60 police officers, travelling in 15 vehicles, who took part in the anti-crime drive. There were 46 members of AfriForum and nine officers of the Mkhondo Traffic Department.

Truckers who park their heavy motor vehicles on the streets of Mkhondo have become a big problem and the community have requested several times that the Mkhondo Traffic Department do something about it. On Friday night, they finally instructed truckers who were parked illegally, to move their vehicles to a truck stop or leave town.

A joint effort for community safety
Thank you to the officers of the Mkhondo – and Ermelo SAPS

Several people were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and a few individuals were also apprehended for having illegal narcotics in their possession. Members of the SAPS removed several people from Park Crescent who were being rowdy early in the evening.

Due to the high visibility patrol of those who participated in the anti-crime drive, no burglaries were reported in the residential areas of town. There was however a burglary at a guesthouse just outside of town, on the N2-Ermelo road.

Thank you to every business who donated products for the meal that the individuals could enjoy and thank you to the people who prepared the meals.

To the people who sacrificed their time to participate in this anti-crime drive – you have the gratitude of the community.

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