Update on Water Treatment Works

Update on Water Treatment Works
Hard at work

On Tuesday 8 September the residents of Mkhondo were notified that the new Water Treatment Works had to undergo emergency refurbishments and that the town will be experiencing water outages for two weeks between 14 – 27 September.

On Friday 18 September the Mkhondo Local Municipality shared with the public that Clarifier 1 was nearly clean and work on Clarifier 2 had commenced. Filter 1 of the water treatment plant was completed and the concrete needed to cure during the weekend (Concrete curing is the process of maintaining adequate moisture in concrete within a proper temperature range in order to aid cement hydration at early stages. Hydration is the chemical reaction between cement and water that results in the formation of various chemicals contributing to setting and hardening of the concrete). All laterals were in at Filter 2 and the workers finished off the grouting and chamfers on Friday.

Update on Water Treatment Works
The refurbishments to the new Water Treatment Works are ahead of schedule

The necessary work on pipes was expected to be completed by Friday and the team anticipated to start testing the functionality of the Water Treatment works on Monday 21 September. According to the MLM, their employees and the contracting team assigned to the project have a good working relationship and because of this, the whole team is ahead of schedule. They were hopeful that the Water Treatment Works would be online by mid-week.

Although many residents prepared for the worst and some even spent thousands of rands on installing JoJo tanks, the main part of town was not affected much and most parts of town had water throughout the whole process.

The Mkhondo Local Municipality wishes to thank the community for their comprehension and patience during this time.