Truck bombed in Kruger Street

Truck bombed in Kruger Street
The truck driver barely escaped with his life

A truck was bombed in Kruger Street on Thursday evening 24 September, at approximately 22:45. The truck driver who had parked his truck in Kruger Street for the night, noticed two men approaching the vehicle while inside. One man was carrying a stick which was used to damage the windshield of the truck, the other man threw a petrol bomb in the cab of the truck.

The following information was supplied by the Mkhondo SAPS.

The truck caught fire and fortunately, the man was able to escape the flames and get out of the truck. The man had burn wounds on his arms, legs and torso and managed to report the incident at the Mkhondo SAPS, which was situated nearby. The driver is currently being treated for his injuries.

The value of the damage to the bombed truck accumulates to approximately R1 000 000-00. The windows of the stores where the truck was parked were also shattered and had te be replaced.

The explosion could be heard by people all across town and many thought that it was another attack on an ATM, or that a gas bottle had exploded. In this instance a truck driver was attacked and it is unclear why.

Unfortunately the men responsible could not be apprehended and are still at large. Lieutenant-Colonel Myeni of the Mkhondo SAPS requests assistance from the community in catching these men. They will be charged for attempted murder and malicious damage to property.

If you have any information that could lead to the arrest of these men, please contact him on 082 556 5605.