Rocks placed into pothole

Rocks placed into potholes
Why would anyone do this? It’s dangerous!

In this photograph you can see that a thoughtless person put big rocks in a pothole in Kruger Street.

It is unclear why the individual chose to do so. Was it to try and draw attention to the gaping pothole and try and motivate the Mkhondo Local Municipality to fill it up? Or was it just the act of a selfish person who did not consider the harm that the sharp edges of the rocks might cause?

Rocks placed into potholes
A team of the Mkhondo Local Municipality filling potholes in Kotze Street

Either way, it is extremely foolish and we urge drivers to please be extra vigilant when driving. The roads already look horrendous and are riddled with potholes, so the next time you feel the urge to put rocks in one of the potholes, please don’t!

The Mkhondo Local Municipality’s employees have been seen around town repairing potholes throughout last week. It is impossible for them to get to every single hole in town immediately and we appreciate their efforts.