MLM cleans up dumping site… again!

MLM cleans up after the residents of Mkhondo... again
Before the MLM went to clean up

The Mkhondo Local Municipality was recently notified about a dumping site under the bridge in Retief Street.

As per usual, they were expected to go and clean up the huge pile of rubbish that was put there by ignorant people who have no respect for other people’s time or resources. On Monday morning 5 October a team was sent out in the rain to remove the rubbish once again.

MLM cleans up after the residents of Mkhondo... again
After the cleanup

It is so sad to think that some residents of this beautiful town have a “couldn’t care less” attitude about the environment and the people around them, and always expects someone else to repair what they damage, clean up after them and react on their ignorance.

The Excelsior News regularly reports on people who litter on a constant basis and create these dumping sites,  but our pleas seem to be falling on deaf ears. Is it because those who litter do not possess the mental capacity to read the local newspaper and are thus not aware that the community is growing tired of their behaviour?

Stop littering! The MLM has many more important matters that needs their attention and wasting their manpower on cleaning up after residents is definitely not fair.

Thank you to the employees of the Mkhondo Local Municipality who had to spend their morning picking up litter in the cold and rainy weather. We appreciate your dedication and we apologize profusely on behalf of the simpletons who create mess after mess!