Grade 1 learners 2021 visit Piet Retief Primary School

Piet Retief Primary School Open Day
On Saturday 10 October, Piet Retief Primary School welcomed the 2021 Grade 1’s

On Saturday 10 October the team of PRPS welcomed the 2021 Grade 1 learners and their parents for the first time.

The theme of the day was “The key to your future” and the soon-to-be “Pieties” were encouraged to dress up according to the profession that they want to pursue when they reach adulthood. Some of them dressed up as rugby players, firefighters, doctors, policemen and even a few ballerinas!

Piet Retief Primary School’s headmaster, Mr Bakker, talked to the 2021 Grade 1 learners and their parents about what it means to be a “Pietie” and also used the opportunity to put parents’ minds at ease about the safety and wellbeing of their children at the school.

The little ones were divided into groups and escorted to different classes, where they did an arts and crafts project, which they were later allowed to take home. They also received a box full of delicious treats and a wooden key, to accompany the theme of the day.

The parents each received an envelope containing price lists, the school’s vision and mission, a first day of school guideline and a chocolate.

It was a successful day in which the teachers, parents and future Grade 1 learners became more familiar with each other.

Good luck to the grade 1’s of 2021! We believe that going to the “big school” will be the start of a fun-filled learning adventure.